EDA employee Marquis Jackson with red background graphic.

#Duckumentary - Marquis Jackson

published: Dec 22, 2021

Today we speak with EDA's Payroll/Tax Accountant, Marquis Jackson.
Chris Hallahan with EDA shop and blue cutout in background.

#Duckumentary - Chris Hallahan

published: Dec 15, 2021

Today we speak with Carpenter Foreman, Chris Hallahan.
Adam Wummer with red graphic in background.

#Duckumentary - Adam Wummer

published: Dec 08, 2021

We speak with Senior Project Manager, Adam Wummer.
Image of Sebastian Hass in hardhat with blue graphic background

#Duckumentary - Sebastian Hass

published: Dec 01, 2021

We speak with Navy Veteran and EDA Foreman, Sebastian Hass.
Tony Melle with blue graphic and white wall in background.

#Duckumentary - Tony Melle

published: Nov 17, 2021

We speak with Air Force Veteran and EDA Superintendent, Tony Melle.
Social media graphic of Brian Torphy

#Duckumentary - Brian Torphy

published: Nov 03, 2021

We speak with Coast Guard Veteran and EDA's Sheet Metal Fabrication Manager, Brian Torphy.