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Masonry offers beauty that lasts while requiring significantly less upkeep than other building materials. It provides unmatched performance and versatile beauty. The quality image of a masonry building is one of excellence and permanence.

Types of Masonry

Architectural Brick Blocks

“Brick Blocks” are used when the design demands an exterior wall system that can provide the appearance of brick yet can also be structurally reinforced. These are concrete masonry units that can be reinforced and grouted yet fabricated in sizes and colors to appear as face brick.

Architectural CMU

Provides design flexibility with a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes. They have an integrated water repellent system to fight moisture, preventing harmful mold growth and structural deterioration.

CMU Foundation

Building with concrete masonry units ensures versatility and durability as they are one of the strongest building materials available, able to resist the large uplift forces of tornadoes, hurricanes, and other high-wind events. CMU’s manage moisture and prevent damage caused by pests.

Face Brick

Brick masonry is used mainly as a “maintenance free” veneer building component. Face bricks are manufactured in several different colors and textures and can be installed in many distinct patterns thus enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a building façade.

Interior CMU

Concrete masonry units are low maintenance, provide load bearing capacity and superb flame resistance, acoustical value, and sound attenuation properties. It's LEED friendly and saves 3–5% in reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to wood.

Manufactured Stone

Traditionally referred to as Cast Stone or Architectural Precast, these types of units will provide accent features in a building façade. Since the product is man-made, there is an array of available colors and shapes that can be produced.

Natural Stone

The “stunner effect” of natural stone arrives simply from the beauty of nature. The variances in color, the veining, and the randomness simply “wow” us when properly designed.

Have Questions About Your Project?

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