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Company culture is important in every industry, but in construction where there are increased rates of injury, addiction, and turnover, it should be even more important. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. At EDA Contractors, we don’t just emphasize the importance of culture in the workplace, we live it in everything we do. This starts with our promise of being successful together and extends to each of our values. We expect all of our employees to work toward creating a workplace where people feel valued, appreciated, and find a genuine sense of happiness and purpose that transcends both work and home life. This type of environment has even been proven to improve performance and employee retention. 


our values.

EDA’s values serve as a way for employees to express themselves both at home and at work. We believe that following our values gives everybody the opportunity to achieve success in their career and is key to achieving, living, and working the “EDA Way.”


Our culture is about embracing an "employee-first" attitude and commitment to our successful together promise. Members of the EDA Culture Team and EDA Champions Committee are tasked with listening to their colleagues and serving as agents of change throughout the company.

Supplementing these two committees, EDA also has a Fun Committee which helps drive culture and connection by hosting fun events throughout the year. Events range from bowling and family picnics, to company fishing trips. These events help employees get to know their colleagues more personally and allows them to unwind from the stresses of their daily work.

In addition to these fun events, the EDA Cares Committee  organizes our efforts to give back to the community. Employees on EDA Cares work directly with a charity that is meaningful to them, creating opportunities to engage EDA volunteers and support their mission.

My favorite part about working at EDA is the relationships and friendships you can build. Everyone here at EDA is so nice and friendly. Wesley Blosser | Shop Driver
My time with EDA has been wonderful. The environment here is like no other place I’ve worked before. Bradley Silvester | Masonry Foreman
The fact that EDA brings everyone from the field, office, and fabrication shop together… in most companies out there, nobody knows each other, yet they are all supposed to work together. Anthony Mamontov | Carpenter
The leadership training, the small group training… being part of that has been huge for me professionally and even personally. A lot of the training I’ve experienced here has affected me personally. Vinny Marino | Superintendent
The best part has been the people that I’ve met since starting here, hands down! I immediately fit right in with my department and other coworkers that I see daily. Abbey Flick | Accounts Payable Clerk
There have been tons of learning opportunities and opportunities for growth within the company. I was originally brought in as an Accounting Assistant and my role quickly began to evolve. I love the challenges that this evolution has brought, and the support that I have received along the way has been amazing. Marquis Jackson | Assistant Accounting Manager
Let me just say this: I started roofing two years out of high school with Local 30. I have 35 years in with the union, I have worked with about eight different companies, and I have been at EDA Contractors for 9 years. I wish I spent my whole career here. Joseph Weaver | Roofing Foreman
EDA has taken me in and showed me great appreciation for my hard work in the field. It’s always a good time and they were great bonding experiences. Brian Cordoso | Carpenter

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