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Whether you have a newer roofing system or a roof that is coming close to the end of its warranty, our Service Department can evaluate your system and provide you with a number of options depending on your needs and budget. Our focus is to build trusting, long lasting relationships with our customers.

Types of Repair & Maintenance

Existing Roofs

We’ll repair areas of the roof that are showing signs of failure. Once the roof has been inspected, we’ll highlight the areas that need attention and complete the repairs necessary to help extend the serviceability of the roofing system.

New Roofs

We’ll set up a yearly program to protect it from common problems such as clogged drains, scuppers, and gutters, and inspect the roof. This maintenance and inspection will help preserve the lifespan of your roof and protect it from premature roof system problems.

24/7/365 Emergency Repair

Our thoroughly trained and reliable team is here to take care of any emergency commercial roofing issue that you experience. We provide a detailed description of the work performed and complete repairs in accordance with manufacturer and industry quality standards.

Have Questions About Your Project?

At EDA, our number one goal is to deliver a watertight building to every client. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that when you link two or more of our exterior services together, we’ll add on a 10 year all-inclusive warranty, free of charge. No more back and forths between contractors — we’ve got you covered.