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The air & vapor barrier is the most crucial element of the building, considering that most modern exterior cladding solutions are not designed to keep air and moisture out. EDA is an expert in the faced elements as well as the waterproofing behind the façade to give everyone peace of mind.

Types of Air & Vapor Barriers

Sheet Membrane Barriers

Available in permeable and non-permeable. Sheet membrane air barriers are best for most applications.

Spray Applied Barriers

Available in permeable and non-permeable, spray applied membranes are most appropriate when applied over CMU walls with brick ties.

Have Questions About Your Project?

At EDA, our number one goal is to deliver a watertight building to every client. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that when you link two or more of our exterior services together, we’ll add on a 10 year all-inclusive warranty, free of charge. No more back and forths between contractors — we’ve got you covered.