image of green roof with text on top "World Green Roof Day"

EDA Celebrates World Green Roof Day

published: Jun 05, 2023

June 6 is World Green Roof Day, a day where we celebrate the marvels of green roofs and their immense contribution to sustainable cities.
Green ribbon with text "Mental Health Awareness Month"

Mental Health Awareness Month: How EDA prioritizes mental health and emotional Intelligence

published: May 18, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness and promote the importance of mental well-being. At EDA Contractors, we recognize the need to prioritize mental health and take many steps to support our employees.
graphic featuring a woman with brown hair and a green necklace

#Duckumentaries - Rose Harris

published: May 17, 2023

Today we speak with EDA's Graphic Designer, Rose Harris!
picture of top of Jersey City Public Safety with letters "JC"

Project Spotlight: Jersey City Public Safety

published: May 01, 2023

EDA crews worked hard to match the vision for the building, completing waterproofing, paneling, coping, and louvers to this new 11-story, $120 million building.
graphic featuring a woman with curly hair

#Duckumentaries - Sarah Browning

published: Apr 25, 2023

Today we speak with EDA's Human Resources Assistant, Sarah Browning.
EDA employees setting up new planter boxes with Heroic Gardens

National Volunteers Month Spotlight: Heroic Gardens

published: Apr 17, 2023

In recognition of National Volunteers Month, EDA is highlighting one of its charities of choice: Heroic Gardens. This charity’s mission is to help Veterans experience the healing power of nature.