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Our wall panel work has been the flagship of EDA’s overall growth. With the introduction to the U.S. of the “rainscreen” concept, and new energy codes spurred by building science and technology, EDA has positioned itself as a leader in the installation of opaque wall panels and surfaces.

Types of Siding & Wall Panels


Fiber Cement

Available in large format panels, this fire and impact resistant product is made of reinforced cement.


Similar to Fiber Cement, these high strength panels a constructed by reinforcing concrete with fiber-glass.


A flat panel consisting of wood fibers and resin fabricated under high temperature and pressure.

Porcelain Panels

Porcelain tile rainscreens are virtually non-porous, providing for excellent weatherability.

Stone Panels

A lightweight alternative to dimensional stone, a veneer attached to a reinforcing substrate.


A centuries old product, clay fired in a kiln results in one of the longest lasting building products.


A modern use for a timeless material, allowing a wide range of design options.

Metal Panels

Aluminum Composite Metal

Comprised of thin aluminum sheets with a Fire-Retardant polyethylene core sandwiched in between.


Industry leader in Insulated Panels, as well as a wide range of additional metal panel rainscreens.

Insulated Panels

Factory foamed in place insulation sandwiched between aluminum skins creates a lightweight and versatile panel.

Natural Metals

Limitless possibilities of rainscreens using unpainted metals such as Stainless, Steel, Zinc, and Copper.

Plate Panels

Available in a range of thickness, this non-laminated product has high impact resistance and customization possibilities.

Standing Seam

Timeless classic sheet metal innovation. Has both wall and roof applications.

Custom Fabrications

Expanded Metals

Sheet metal product made by cutting and stretching a material to great a decorative finish.


Architectural design element to allow building airflow while keeping the building weathertight.

Perforated Panels

Punched or stamped to provide ventilation or design elements, a large range of materials can receive this treatment.

Screen Walls

Often used to hide unsightly mechanical equipment, Screen walls are nonstructural and can be constructed of a variety of materials.

Other Specialty

EDA works with countless fabricators and engineers to bring your imagination into reality.

Have Questions About Your Project?

At EDA, our number one goal is to deliver a watertight building to every client. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that when you link two or more of our exterior services together, we’ll add on a 10 year all-inclusive warranty, free of charge. No more back and forths between contractors — we’ve got you covered.