#Duckumentary - Eduardo Bazzoni

published: Nov 30, 2022

Today we speak with Superintendent, Eduardo Bazzoni.
man wearing an orange beanie

#Duckumentary - Robert Hamilton

published: Nov 23, 2022

Today we speak with Mason, Robert Hamilton.
A man smiling.

#Duckumentary - Nick Alfieri

published: Nov 16, 2022

Today we speak with Carpenter, Nick Alfieri.
Image of EDA Contractors crew against wall

Wrapping Up EDA's 2022 Field Appreciation

published: Nov 14, 2022

Field Appreciation serves as a time for our office and field workers to sit together, talk, and get to know each other. It is also a time to see the work and the challenges that our field workers experience every day.
image of hardhat, military boots, and "Ernie" rubber duck

EDA Celebrates Veterans Day

published: Nov 10, 2022

Veterans Day is the perfect time to thank those who served. At EDA, we recognize the value that Veterans bring to our workforce and our industry as a whole.

#Duckumentary - Sade Carmichael

published: Nov 09, 2022

Today we speak with Executive Assistant, Sade Carmichael!