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#Duckumentary - Nick Alfieri

published: Nov 16, 2022

Today we speak with Carpenter, Nick Alfieri.
Image of EDA Contractors crew against wall

Wrapping Up EDA's 2022 Field Appreciation

published: Nov 14, 2022

Field Appreciation serves as a time for our office and field workers to sit together, talk, and get to know each other. It is also a time to see the work and the challenges that our field workers experience every day.
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EDA Celebrates Veterans Day

published: Nov 10, 2022

Veterans Day is the perfect time to thank those who served. At EDA, we recognize the value that Veterans bring to our workforce and our industry as a whole.

#Duckumentary - Sade Carmichael

published: Nov 09, 2022

Today we speak with Executive Assistant, Sade Carmichael!

#Duckumentary - Wesley Blosser

published: Nov 02, 2022

Today we speak with Shop Driver, Wesley Blosser!
Two construction workers on roof looking at document.

Growing Our Industry: October is Careers in Construction Month

published: Oct 28, 2022

Careers in Construction Month recognizes the need to promote our industry to the younger generation so that we can continue to grow. Here are some steps we all can take to be successful in the future.