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National Volunteers Month Spotlight: Heroic Gardens

In recognition of National Volunteers Month, EDA is highlighting one of its charities of choice: Heroic Gardens. This charity’s mission is to help Veterans experience the healing power of nature.

EDA Cares was developed to help bring the EDA community together and support local charities that need help. The Cares Committee consists of EDA staff members who volunteer their time with charities meaningful to them and seek support from their colleagues to give back. This structure empowers employees to support causes that are important to them and provides access to added resources that can help make a bigger impact.

In recognition of National Volunteers Month, EDA is highlighting one of its charities of choice: Heroic Gardens. This charity was selected by EDA Superintendent and Air Force Veteran Tony Melle. Melle chose this charity because of its mission to help veterans experience the healing power of nature and the ample opportunities for EDA to support its cause. To date, EDA has completed several projects with Heroic Gardens and made an important impact on the lives of numerous veterans.

“I don't know of any construction company that does the things that EDA does for us. I love working with the EDA Cares Committee and getting to help with charities like Heroic Gardens.”
Tony Melle | Superintendent | EDA Contractors

What Is Heroic Gardens?

Heroic Gardens believes in the healing power of nature, and it looks to better connect the veteran community to gardening and plants. Their goal is to help veterans work with plants and nature to help them heal. This connection to nature can come in different ways. This can include completing yard transformations in the Greater-Philadelphia region, where volunteers come to the homes of veterans and install landscaping in their backyards. It also includes adding greenery and cleaning up veteran community parks and memorials. For those that are unable to care for a garden, Heroic Gardens has "Mission Windowsills" which focuses on bringing small gardens into veteran homes. Ultimately, the projects that Heroic Gardens completes are aimed at connecting veterans with nature and using plants as a healing tool.

Why Heroic Gardens?

EDA is proud to support veterans and thank them for their service. Veterans are employed in numerous roles throughout EDA and this partnership allows us to extend our support to local veterans in need. In addition, the skillset of our employees lends itself to some of the work that Heroic Gardens completes. Melle explains, “I brought Heroic Gardens to EDA, because I knew that the skillset of our workers could directly impact their mission.” Last year, seven EDA employees took time to build planter boxes for Edison 64 Veterans Community in Philadelphia. According to Melle, “These boxes have given veterans the opportunity to grow fruits and vegetables right in their backyard. It has also given them additional opportunities to get out of their apartments and socialize with neighbors.” This year, 19 EDA employees and their families helped build another 15 planter boxes to be donated to veterans who need them.

Thank You Volunteers

EDA is proud to make even small changes in the lives of those in our local community. Our team is excited to continue working with Heroic Gardens throughout the year, and also further support of all of our charities of choice with the valuable skills and support of individuals that work for us. We also thank all of our EDA Cares volunteers who make this work possible.

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