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Growing Our Industry: October is Careers in Construction Month

Careers in Construction Month recognizes the need to promote our industry to the younger generation so that we can continue to grow. Here are some steps we all can take to be successful in the future.

Construction companies are battling an industry-wide decline in labor, with a potential labor shortage estimated at close to two million craft professionals by 2025. To continue the overall positive trajectory of the industry, it is imperative that young professionals are educated on career opportunities and the perks of working in construction. People are often surprised to learn about the range of opportunities that the industry has to offer. Whether you like to work with your hands, have a knack for drawing, or even if you are looking for office work, there are opportunities for you.

The goal of this campaign is to increase awareness about opportunities in the construction industry and be transparent when it comes to pay and risk. Skilled craftsmen emerge when we share and provide young professionals with the tools needed to succeed in these fields. Three key themes that Careers in Construction Month hopes to elevate is inspire, educate, and be transparent. Below we give some examples of why these themes are important and how EDA highlights them throughout the year.


It is impossible to start a career in construction without knowing the type of opportunities that exist. Educating the community about the types of work that the construction industry has to offer is the first step to growing the workforce. Construction is the backbone of the country and those working in the field can often be overlooked. Sharing the history of the industry is a great way to highlight its importance and intrigue young professionals to pursue career opportunities. Careers in construction are readily available and open to individuals of all education levels. Recruiting workers to the construction industry starts with educating the public about opportunities and where they fit into the structure.


Growing the number of workers in construction starts with education and awareness, but that alone does not get people to apply for open positions. Once people are educated on opportunities, they need to be inspired to actually make a move to join the workforce. It is important for current construction workers to help the industry thrive by sharing experiences and urging others to explore available opportunities as well. Providing true, tangible experience gives individuals confidence in their decision and makes the potential change feel less risky.

Be Transparent

A common theme we see in today’s professional world is a discrepancy between employers and workers, especially when it comes to pay. Being transparent when it comes to pay and risk helps alleviate concerns about changing industries and gives people confidence in the company they are looking to join. Advocating for yourself and your employees is vital when influencing others to join the industry and is a key aspect of living up to expectations, and in turn retaining top talent. At EDA, one of the things that sets us apart is our culture. Company culture is often overlooked in this industry, but understanding its importance and being transparent about what to expect are key factors in continuing to grow the industry.

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