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This was a historical restoration project in which EDA and BBCI installed a new slate roof on the New Jersey Executive Statehouse.
Project Size
15,000 sqft - Evergreen Slate Rectangular Shingles, 29,000 sqft - Crystalline Waterproofing, 10,200 sqft - SBS IRMA Roofing, 15,000 sqft - Full Roof Tear-off; Temporary Roofs; and Preparation for Roofing, 12,000 sqft - SBS Roofing
Trenton, NJ
General Contractor
Daniel J. Keating Company

NELSON Worldwide, Preservation Design Partnership

Xypex, Siplast, Hanover, Supersky, Copper Craft, Bilco, Ruskin
SBS IRMA Roofing, SBS Roofing, Evergreen Slate Shingles, Copper Standing Seam Roofing, Copper Louvers, Copper Gutter, Roof Hatches, Louvered PHs, Monumental Skylights, Monumental Laylights, Balustrade, Metal Cornice, Cresting, Hip Rolls, Frieze Panels
Historic Removal & Dismantling, Historic Formed Metal Restoration, Roofing, Waterproofing
New Jersey Department of the Treasury