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EDA’s scope of work included the application of hot fluid applied waterproofing, green roof assembly, and concrete and wooden pavers. Both pavers and vegetative assemblies serve as overburden for the waterproofing and 5 inches of insulation.
Project Size

190,000 sqft - Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing, 40,000 sqft - Green Roof Assembly, 150,000 sqft - Concrete and Wooden Pavers


Englewood Cliffs, NJ


American Hydrotech Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing, Carlisle TPO, Hanover Pavers

General Contractor

Turner Construction

LG Electronics USA, Inc

Hok Architects, Inc.


American Hydrotech, Carlisle, Hanover


Roofing, Green Roof Systems, Waterproofing

Award-Winning Project

Potomac Chapter ASLA awarded HOK with an honor award in the Design-Built Category for LG North American Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. The campus was previously covered with asphalt and had little usable outdoor space. This project ultimately expanded green space on the premises by 50% and includes green walls and gardens, as well as amenities like outdoor dining and walking trails. EDA Contractors was proud to contribute to expanding the green space on this site, by working on 40,000 square feet of green roofing. This was in addition to the 190,000 square feet of hot fluid applied waterproofing and 150,000 square feet of concrete and wooden pavers.