EDA provided the installation of 1,1630 SF of TPO roofing, as well as masonry brick veneer, block stair and elevator shafts. As such we were able to coordinate the needs of the GC in regards to sequencing and scheduling to help deliver the project on time even through dealing with COVID-19.
Project Size

TPO Roofing – 1,1630 SF

Crystalline Waterproofing – 250 SF

TAKTL Ultra High Performance Concrete Panels – 4,200 SF

ACM Panels – 200 SF

AVB – 15,000 SF


Philadelphia, PA

General Contractor

P. Agnes Inc.


TPO Roofing – Carlisle, Crystalline Waterproofing – Xypex, Greenleaf Brick, Glen Gery Brick, Fizzano Bros. Concrete Products, TAKTL, Alucobond, Carlisle AVB


TPO Membrane on the roof. Face brick and concrete masonry units, TAKTL UHPC Panels, Alucobond PLUS 4mm Fire-Resistant ACM, Carlisle CCW 705 FR Sheet and Applied Air and Vapor Barrier

Our Scope

TPO Roofing, Crystalline Waterproofing, Masonry Brick Veneer, Block Stair and Elevator Shafts, AVB, TAKTL UHPC and ACM Panels

Project Owner

Law Enforcement