The project consists of a unique blend of material including natural zinc metal in a custom 1.2mm mill run with 2 custom profiles, a wood grained Phenolic panel system, and a custom curved metal screenwall on an equipment yard.
Project Size

20,000 sf VM Zinc custom wall panels, 3,000 sf insulated panels 4,600 sf custom mesh metal screenwall, 4,00 sf of Phenolic Wall Panels


Princeton, NJ

General Contractor

Turner Construction


Boston Properties


Jacobs Global


VM Zinc, Trespa, Centria


Custom VM Zinc Wall Panels, Wood Grain Phenolic Wall Panels, Custom Centria Screenwall Panels and Centria Insulated Wall Panels

Our Scope

Single skin wall panels, phenolic wall panels, metal fabrications, insulated metal wall panels, roofing AVB and Green roofing