#Duckumentary - Keiona Jones-Jackson

published: Aug 25, 2021

At a loss for how to pursue her passion for a career in construction, Keiona remained motivated and found Reboot Construction Services.

EDA’s Attitude of Gratitude: Field Appreciation Month

published: Aug 19, 2021

We recognize that EDA’s success is in our people, and we don’t take it for granted.

#Duckumentary - Alex Braccio

published: Aug 17, 2021

As one of the heads of , Project Manager Alex Braccio, talks about the importance of EDA’s Field Appreciation Month program working together.

#Duckumentary - Doris Blount

published: Aug 04, 2021

What does it take to become a Journeywoman in a male-dominated field?

#Duckumentary - Vince Costanza

published: Jul 28, 2021

Hear from the 'king of panels' for this week's #Duckumentary with carpenter Foreman, Vince Costanza!

#Duckumentary - John Defrangesco

published: Jul 20, 2021

Carpenter Apprentice, John Defrangesco, tells us what lessons he's taken from his time working alongside EDA's Carpenters.