#Duckumentary - Alejandro Guasco

published: Oct 13, 2021

Bregenzer Brothers Foreman, Alejandro Guasco, talks about his experience beginning his career in Ecuador and moving to the United States and how he is still able to celebrate his culture far away from home.

#Duckumentary - Kevin Smith

published: Oct 06, 2021

Carpentry Foreman, Kevin Smith, talks about the strength our family is able to provide to those fighting the disease of addiction.

Successful Together Through EDA Cares

published: Sep 30, 2021

Our commitment to being successful together led to the development of EDA Cares, a charitable outreach program supporting our local community.

#Duckumentary - Miriam Alan Walls

published: Sep 29, 2021

For this week’s #Duckumentary, we’re highlighting the achievements of our Bregenzer Brothers Construction Project Manager, Miriam Alan Walls!

Successful Together - September 2021

published: Sep 24, 2021

Our feature story is titled "field appreciation" written by Project Manager Alex Braccio. Alex describes what field appreciation means to EDA, and details several site visits made by our office staff.

Committed Impact Partners, EDA Contractors Honored as “Heroes of Hope”

published: Sep 23, 2021

Since 2017, our EDA Family has been volunteering with Turning Points for Children, a local non-profit which serves the greater Philadelphia area.