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Wrapped in Love: More than a Job, a Passion

This Valentine's Day, we we asked our employees what they love about construction.

This Valentine's Day, we set out to discover what aspect of construction makes EDA employees swoon. We asked our team members to answer one simple question: What aspect of construction makes you smile? Responses came in from across the company and showed that passion for construction stems from a few major sources: pride in leaving a legacy, loving what you do, and working with diversely talented individuals.

Leaving a Legacy of Excellence

EDA employees expressed profound satisfaction from seeing the completed structures they have worked on. "I love driving by a building and pointing it out to my kids while saying 'I helped build that,'" explains Sheet Metal Trim Manager, Brian Torphy. Carpenter Foreman Chris Hallahan also echoes this sentiment, commenting that the "best part of being a carpenter is driving around saying 'I built that, and I worked there.'" Our teams' express pride in being able to share the results of their labor with loved ones, as well as the thousands of people that visit these locations each day. Observing the impact of their work helps spur continued improvement and allows us to continue delivering exceptional results. 

"In other industries, like software for example, employees work hard on their projects and are often left with no tangible product. They don't have something they can see with their eyes or hold in their hands. In construction, not only are the products tangible, but they are also often HUGE in size... it's so cool to work for a construction company because you can drive by EDA projects and be proud of what everyone at the company has worked so hard on."

Bret Roberts | Internal Communications Coordinator 

Not only are construction projects tangible, but they are enduring. According to RDH Building Science, the average building lasts 50 years before requiring significant maintenance. Working on a project that will be around for decades allows employees to build a legacy that will likely outlive them. This sense of contributing to a larger purpose allows construction workers to find meaning in something larger than themselves.

Love What You Do

EDA employees also convey being invigorated by the work that they do. "I love being outside working," exclaims Roofing Foreman Joe Weaver, "the people I meet, the views I see, and the finished job." Other employees express the satisfaction they experience as a project starts off on a piece of paper and make its way from the drawing board, to a hole in the ground, and finally to a beautiful building that beautifies the entire block. EDA Panel Fabrication Drafter Joel Walsh explains "I love creating something from nothing and seeing it transform a cityscape."

"I love the process and the end result. I am very fortunate to have a combination of experience as an architect, estimator, and assistant project manager. I love to witness the entire project process: from design, to construction drawings, to sales/estimating, to execution, to close-out. I remember when Princeton lifted the building and moved across the street, it was a proud moment for me and my family to be part of such a creative projects. That was the moment I knew I was in the right industry."

Akul Modi | Estimator | BBCI

Despite the difficulties that arise, our team expresses a willingness to rise to the challenge, and is excited to discover ways to become more resilient, creative, and innovative. Carpenter Neil McGinnis says, "What I love about construction is bringing the blueprint to life and the challenges it might take." This creativity, needed by all members of a project team, is integral to making a project a success. 

"I love the challenge of taking what a group of designers has drawn out on paper and making it a reality. Later driving past and telling friends and family you helped create that or point out the set of panels you can say you personally installed years from now!"

Andre Moore | Carpenter 

Love From the Field and the Office

The construction industry boasts a diverse range of employees, and the responses to our questions represent it. From office to field, employees across EDA commented on their passion for construction. This industry requires a team of individuals with different skillsets to come together and get the job done. 

"The art of the details in construction really excites me! I love it! Having the opportunity to work closely with office and field staff allows me to appreciate the beauty of the entire process! I also love that we have a part in creating something historical!"

Sade Carmichael | Executive Personal Assistant 

Not only are employees fascinated with construction itself, but the people they are able to work with over the course of a project. Despite different professional backgrounds, EDA's employees express excitement in watching as various departments take ownership over different parts of a project and come together to produce exceptional work that is efficient, economic, and most importantly, wrapped in love.