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Who is Ernie the Duck?

Who is Ernie the Duck? Learn about how important Ernie is to EDA and what he stands for!

Recently, we sat down with Ernie the EDA Duck. We talked, laughed, quacked and bonded over our conversation. He shared his thoughts on the business and family and the difficulty of juggling the two. He came out of hiding for the interview because he wants regular folks to get to know him and not be intimidated when he sees them out in public. In his own words “I am just like every other rubber ducky!”

Here at EDA Contractors, we frankly disagree, this is no ordinary duck! The EDA Duck, has been traveling with folks around construction sites and at their HQ in Bensalem, PA for just over 20 years. Not to mention, with the launching of the #EDADuckSelfie monthly $50 VISA Gift Card contest, the EDA Duck, has traveled all over the world.

So Ernie where are you from?

Well, I would like to think that I came from an egg, just like any other duck. Although, that would clearly go against the “Made in China” sticker on my butt. I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and have been interested in construction as far back as I can remember. Getting started in roofing & waterproofing over 20 years ago.

How did you get started with EDA Contractors?

Funny story, I saw a job posting for a Foreman with waterproofing experience needed. I applied and was rejected due to my inability to lift objects over 1 ounce. EDA Contractors then took a chance and gave me a different position with the company. I am proud to be the humble mascot of EDA Contractors Inc.

That is pretty interesting Ernie. From what I can see you have been living it up every minute, tell the readers something you like to do in your free time?

I have been lucky over the last 2 years traveling through Europe and North America with all the great folks who have been willing to bring me along on their vacations. I’ll tell you what, this #EDADuckSelfie contest has been the best thing that has ever happened to me!

How do you like EDA’s new Headquarters in Bensalem?

The company adopted an ‘open office concept’ where every workstation is separated by a six-foot tall zinc panel. It took some adaptation for our louder voices in the company, but now everyone who works here is like a family. Scratch that, everyone who works at EDA Contractors IS a family.

EDA is expanding very rapidly, how are you handling the new found success and popularity?

As I mentioned before, with the #EDADuckSelfie contest underway, EDA’s success has brought me places I never thought possible. Honestly, EDA’s success was inevitable. I have worked for other companies in the past, but this one stands out. They hire competent, optimistic, dedicated employees, and treat them extremely well. If talent is discovered, EDA Contractors do what it takes to make them stay and buy into The EDA Way. Dedicating themselves to always keeping a cool head, solving issues as they arise, and accumulating high Emotional Intelligence to deal with supremely difficult situations in a high-pressure industry like construction.

If you had a tagline, what would it be?

Originally, we brainstormed some great ideas but came out with two phrases that simply just stuck. “Tighter than a duck’s @$$ in a Nor’Easter” & “Keep It Watertight”

Mother Goose, any relation to the superstar of children’s literature?

She is a distant relative, I believe 4th cousin, twice removed.

Now I have some rapid-fire questions to end the interview. Say the first thing that comes to your mind…Ready?'

Freshwater or Saltwater? Fresh

Morning or Night Shower? That’s silly, rubber ducks are for a bath, and there better be bubbles!

Favorite Breakfast Meal? Oatmeal with fresh strawberries, PLEASE NO EGGS! I could never eat my cousins

Eagles, Flyers, 76ers or Phillies? I am preferential to birds… so the Eagles. Although, I have to give “Gritty” props as a fellow beloved mascot

Philadelphia is between two big cities, NYC & DC. Which do you prefer? That’s a tough one, NYC in the winter and DC in the Spring.

Boxers or Briefs? Neither, ducks do not wear pants

Anything you would like to add to your fans?

Sure, do not be afraid to say hello to me, even though I am famous now, I still love to meet people. Also, if you have not received a duck, feel free to email me, and I will talk to USPS and get myself to you PRONTO! Lastly, when you see a yield sign for ducks, take them seriously!