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VP of Operations, Scott Spicher Featured in Philadelphia Business Journal

Spicher discussed the potential for design-build to revolutionize the construction and industry real estate industries.

EDA's VP of Operations for the Philadelphia Metro Area, Scott Spicher discussed the potential for design-build to revolutionize the construction and industrial real estate industries. Below is the article published in last week's Industrial Real Estate issue of Philadelphia Business Journal


The design-build approach has the potential to revolutionize the industrial real estate and construction industries, offering significant advantages to investors seeking efficiency and value. This building method can transform industrial real estate projects, by delivering streamlined processes and improved outcomes. Design-build aims to improve efficiency by integrating the design and construction phases of a project under a single contract.

Unlike the traditional design-bid-build approach, where the design and construction entities are separate, design-build fosters collaboration and streamlined communication from the project's inception. By involving architects, contractors, and subcontractors from the early stages, design-build facilitates efficient decision-making, accelerated timelines, and cost optimization. This approach offers numerous benefits including enhanced coordination, reduced risks, and improved project outcomes.

Traditional construction methods can lead to fragmented processes and delays. Design-build integrates design and construction, fostering collaboration and streamlining project delivery. It also enables accelerated project timelines, a crucial factor in the industrial real estate sector. Concurrent design and construction activities reduce project duration, facilitating earlier occupancy, and revenue generation. By considering constructability and streamlining communication, cost overruns can be mitigated, keeping projects within budget, while minimizing change orders and reducing the risk of financial surprises.

Specialized knowledge is essential in industrial real estate projects. Design-build teams integrate this expertise, by navigating complex requirements. Their understanding of building systems, equipment integrations, and compliance regulations ensure tailored solutions that optimize functionality. This process enhances risk management by consolidating responsibility and providing a single point of accountability to identify and address risks. Efficient coordination minimizes miscommunication, fostering a smoother project experience.

Early involvement and shared goals encourage creative problem-solving and innovative ideas. Open communication channels lead to higher levels of quality and success. At EDA Contractors, we support design-build because we believe in its potential to transform the way construction companies work on industrial projects and know that it can deliver efficiency and value to investors. Design-build can help accelerate timelines, cost optimization, specialized knowledge, risk management, and enhanced collaboration to collectively drive project success. Embracing design-build methodologies paves the way for streamlined processes and improved outcomes in industrial real estate development.