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Successful Together With Penn Charter Carpenters

Working with a Successful Together mindset means always being prepared to lend a hand to family in need.

The EDA Family carpenters provide a shining example straight from one of our job sites, at William Penn Charter School’s construction of the new Athletic and Wellness Center.

At any of our job sites across the tri-state we know our family are leading the EDA Way. At the site of the new William Penn Charter School Athletics and Wellness Center, Carpentry Foreman Chris Hallahan and his crew are demonstrating what it really takes to work successful together.

While completing the exterior paneling for the new Athletics & Wellness Center, it wasn’t uncommon to see our carpenters working at awkward angles to get the job done. As part of the design for the facility, our carpenters skillfully installed the trex panels along the architectural façade features of the roof.

For a particularly vexing section of the roof panel installation, EDA brought in additional crew to ensure that we were able to complete our work precisely and safely. Journeymen Paul Croneberger and Creighton Hallahan led the installation efforts, as the designated two-person team to complete this job up in the air. Paul and Creighton were joined by their fellow EDA Family carpenters, Dean MacCarter, Bill Teske, and Nick Alfieri who came out to lend a hand during this challenging section of installation.

On several occasions throughout the day, Bill would make the ascent on a second crane to deliver any tools or materials that Creighton and Paul needed up on the roof. This allowed them to continue working seamlessly on the panels, without unhooking their safety gear and descending the building together every time something was needed.

We take pride in our teams’ abilities to strategize the best workflow for mitigating safety concerns and efficiently completing project specs. This is what Successful Together is all about.