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VP of Operations, NY/NJ Metro Regions Russ Manel Featured in ENR’s Five Boroughs Report

Lean Construction: Where do subcontractors fit?

Manel discusses establishing an Operational Excellence Department (OpEx), aimed at optimizing efficiency and fostering waste reduction through the implementation of lean construction principles.

By Russ Manel | VP of Operations – NY/NJ Metro Regions | EDA Contractors | Published in ENR's Five Boroughs Report

Lean construction represents a transformative approach to project management and field operations. By overcoming obstacles such as mistrust, ego-driven decision-making, resistance to change, and lack of leadership commitment, the construction industry can reap the rewards of improved productivity, quality, and collaboration. Historically, subcontractors have been excluded from lean implementation, specifically in the design and planning phase, leading to missed opportunities for general contractors to boost efficiency and reduce waste. 

As a subcontractor, EDA Contractors is committed to embracing lean principles. This includes creating an Operational Excellence (OpEx) Department tasked with identifying areas of improvement, streamline workflows, and eliminate inefficiencies. We believe that by embracing lean principles, we can further improve project outcomes, optimize resource allocation, and exceed client expectations.  

Subcontractors play a crucial role in delivering projects on time and within budget, but they've been overlooked for too long. By investing in OpEx and implementing lean practices company-wide, EDA showcases its dedication to waste reduction and delivering quality results for clients. We also hope that our success in implementing lean practices as a subcontractor can demonstrate the importance of including subcontractors in this practice going forward.