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Heroic Gardens and EDA Featured on 6ABC News

EDA's collaboration with Heroic Gardens has been highlighted in 6ABC's Voices of Veterans. Learn how our planter boxes are helping bring healing.

Heroic Gardens, one of EDA’s 2023 charities of choice, was featured on 6ABC’s Voices of Veterans. The organization received recognition for its heroic efforts to bring healing to veterans through the power of nature. Collie Turner, founder of Heroic Gardens, explains that by being around nature, “you can actually increase confidence and self-esteem and lower things like depression, feelings of worthlessness, and anxiety.”  

EDA was showcased for its construction and donation of garden and planter boxes to be distributed to veterans in need. The segment featured EDA volunteers as they worked to create the boxes in the Bensalem Shop. This year, 19 EDA employees and their families came together to build over a dozen planter boxes. 

Heroic Gardens was chosen by EDA Superintendent and Air Force Veteran Tony Melle, who recognized the synergy between the skillset of EDA employees and needs of the organization. “I knew that the skillset of our workers could directly impact their mission,” said Melle. “I don't know of any construction company that does the things that EDA does for us. I love working with the EDA Cares Committee and getting to help with charities like Heroic Gardens.” 

We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to play a role in advancing Heroic Garden’s mission to restore veterans’ confidence and peace of mind through the power of plants. A special thank you to our employees and their families who dedicated their time to making a special impact on the lives of the local veteran community.