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EDA’s Attitude of Gratitude: Field Appreciation Month

This week’s #FieldFridays is dedicated to Field Appreciation Month and the entire EDA Family with appreciation for everything we do.

Why dedicate a whole month to Field Appreciation?

We recognize that EDA’s success is in our people, and we don’t take it for granted.

In fact, our culture is built around the idea that the workplace should be supportive, fun, and a bit quirky. Our employees are part of the EDA family and we strive to make their lives easier and help them succeed.

We show our gratitude for each other throughout the year but make a concerted effort during Field Appreciation to take time away from the day-to-day grind and show how deeply grateful we are for each other.

We rely on the hard work of our field to maintain successful project partnerships, to show up as a team player, and to live the EDA values on and off the job site.

We work through tough weather conditions, strict schedules and climb incredible heights.

We enhance our techniques and skills to improve how we work. And we pass those teachings on to others so they can be more efficient.

We put in the long, hard hours it takes to get the job done, while being committed to safety, service and each other.

We appreciate the tireless work, dedication, and perseverance of our field family. The EDA Fun Committee was proud to coordinate our annual Field Appreciation activities so we could spend some time together in the field and show our thanks.

This year, Field Appreciation activities took place on job sites from Poughkeepsie, NY to Lancaster, PA, to ensure each team was shown the gratitude they rightly deserve.

“Respect and Communication. It’s hard to see things from someone else’s perspective if you never engage with them where they are. By seeing jobsite conditions firsthand and talking with our field teams we can better understand the world in which they work.”

Read more from Alex Braccio, Project Manager

Although Field Appreciation activities take place once a year, the spirit of respect and admiration is everlasting. The memories we build together, the knowledge we share with each other, and the EDA values we live each day are helping us be #successfultogether.