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EDA Team Receives Two Awards from SADV

EDA Safety Director, Jonathan Diaz and Director of Masonry, Jeff Dorneman were recognized at the 2023 SADV Professional Showcase.

EDA was excited to receive special recognition at the Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley’s (SADV) 2023 Professional Showcase on February 9th. This showcase was created to recognize individuals who perform their job at the highest level and go above and beyond in their trade. This year, EDA was proud to have two individuals recognized with awards at the event: Safety Director, Jonathan Diaz received Safety Director of the Year and Director of Masonry, Jeff Dorneman received Project Manager of the Year. Last year, both Diaz and Dorneman grew their departments and had strong impacts on numerous successful EDA projects.

Safety Director of the Year – Jonathan Diaz

In 2022, Jonathan Diaz continued to enact his plan to improve the perception around safety at EDA. His approach to safety increased training opportunities for all EDA field employees and continued to position safety as a company-wide priority. Diaz’s team grew to include three safety coordinators, which allowed for one coordinator in each region that EDA completes work. This ensures that field workers are always close to a safety professional and gives them a dedicated staff person to work with on any safety concerns. Ultimately, Diaz oversaw a reduction in the number of recordable injuries by 65.6% and total claims by 67% from 2021 to 2022. Diaz’s ability to work collaboratively with his safety team and EDA’s field employees to achieve success, make him a worthy recipient of this award.

Project Manager of the Year – Jeff Dorneman

EDA officially added a masonry division in 2022. This department allowed EDA to take on added scopes and grow its workforce. Jeff Dorneman, who previously worked as an estimator and project manager, was promoted to Director of Masonry in February 2022. He brought over 20 years of masonry experience to the position which poised him for success in this role. Since his promotion, Dorneman has grown the masonry division at EDA, with a focus on making EDA the primary option for masonry customers in the Philadelphia region. This award, highlights Dorneman’s success in quickly growing this department and in implementing EDA values in its masonry work.