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EDA Recognizes National Tradesmen Day

The third Friday in September is National Tradesmen Day, a day where we honor and laud the men and women who help build our country.

National Tradesmen Day is the third Friday in September; this year September 15th, 2023. It is a day where we are called to honor and celebrate the tradespeople in our country. These men and women work persistently in their trades to contribute to our country's growth and prosperity. Whether it be plumbers, electricians, carpenters, masons, roofers, or others, these individuals are responsible for the construction and upkeep of our infrastructure, the safety and functionality of our homes, and the availability of essential services. Their work spans several industries, from construction and manufacturing to healthcare and transportation. Today, we would like to highlight our three trades at EDA Contractors: carpentry, roofing, and masonry. 


Roofing, Sheetmetal, and Green Roofing

Roofing is one of the most critical aspects of construction, as it provides protection against the elements and ensures the structural integrity of a building. EDA's expertise in roofing and sheetmetal as well as green roof systems allows for a leak-free exterior envelope. When you look up at the buildings that surround you, the first line of defense against the elements is the roof. Roofers are the artisans who ensure that the structures we inhabit remain safe, dry, and protected from the forces of nature. Their work is vital, as it safeguards us from rain, snow, and sun. 

Slate & Copper Roofing

In 2018, Ed DeAngelis purchased Bregenzer Brothers, a historical restoration slate and copper roofing company, to add to EDA's range of services. Whether hand-formed or using contemporary computer-guided shaping tools, BBCI can execute any task, from the small details in a cornice to full-scale roof replacements. Historic restoration is a highly specialized trade, but its importance in enhancing curb appeal and architectural beauty through various materials and design is integral to maintaining historic structures. With an eye for the keen details and history of a building, these tradespeople are able to maintain the historic nature of your building, while ensuring they are well-equipped for modern use. 


Carpenters are the architects of the spaces we visit each day. They transform raw lumber into beautiful furniture, functional fixtures, and the intricate woodwork that adorns our homes and workplaces. Carpentry is more than just construction; it's an art form that fuses creativity with precision. One of the staples of EDA has been our wall panel work which has led to the company's overall growth. Our carpenters specialize in the fabrication and installation of exterior cladding materials used in building construction to protect, insulate, and enhance the appearance of the structure's walls. 


Masonry is one of the oldest construction trades, but is still used throughout building construction today. Whether it's building the walls of a home, creating majestic facades, or crafting intricate pathways, masons bind together separate units of building materials such as brick, stone, and concrete using mortar. Masons also play a crucial role in preserving historical landmarks. Their expertise is indispensable in the restoration and maintenance of heritage buildings, ensuring that the stories of our past continue to be told for generations to come. While it has been a basic building method for millennia, it is still commonly employed in both residential and commercial construction projects. EDA offers multiple types of masonry including architectural brick blocks, face brick, architectural CMU, interior CMU, CMU foundation, manufactured stone, and natural stone.

Recognizing the Importance of National Tradesmen Day

On National Tradesmen Day, we recognize the individuals behind EDA Contractors—roofers, carpenters, and masons—for their invaluable contributions to our society. Their craftsmanship and dedication are the cornerstones upon which our homes, communities, and way of life are built. These tradespeople, often working quietly in the background, execute work that is the cornerstone of our society. Tradespeople are not only responsible for buildings that shelter us but also shapes the world we inhabit, leaving a lasting mark on our lives and the landscape around us.