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EDA PACT Festival Featured on 6ABC

EDA's PACT Festival, which addressed substance abuse within the construction industry, was featured on 6ABC.

On October 12, 2023, EDA Contractors hosted its second annual event which addressed substance abuse within the construction industry and provided resources to workers. The Personal Accountability Changes Today (PACT) Festival featured contests, giveaways, food trucks, and opportunities to hear stories of how colleagues and community members overcame addiction. EDA's PACT Festival was open to all workers regardless of prior substance abuse history, which over 175 individuals attended including workers from carpentry, roofing, and masonry trades. It also featured presenters from Recovering Centers of America, Narcotics Anonymous, National Alliance of Mental Health, Carpenters Unions, and Masonry Union. The PACT Festival was a fun and safe way to address the issues plaguing our community, while encouraging safe and competent job performance.

6ABC helped to amplify the efforts of the PACT program and Festival through a feature on the evening news. Raising awareness for the substance abuse issues in the industry are two of the keys in building a strong and safer future. 

EDA's PACT Program

The EDA PACT Program is just one of the ways EDA supports employees who are struggling. PACT encourages safe and competent job performance through identification of inappropriate use of alcohol or drugs. The program provides individuals with the steps needed for entering treatment and ultimately guarantees a return to work upon completion. 

"It's critical to have a strong support system when trying to overcome addiction. We're providing a safe space for individuals struggling with addiction to seek help without fear of jeopardizing their livelihoods. Knowing that your job is secure while seeking treatment is essential so individuals can focus on their recovery and find the strength to overcome their addiction. Together, with support from EDA Contractors and a commitment to support one another, we can build a stronger, healthier future for all."

Kevin Smith | Superintendent | Founder EDA PACT Program

With roughly 15% of its workers battling addiction, the construction industry faces one of the highest rates of substance abuse in the country. It is vital that employers take proactive measures to support the needs of their employees. This is just one of the ways that EDA Contractors supports and encourages its employees.