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EDA Culture Highlighted in Apeiron Construction

The article, featuring an interview from CEO Ed DeAngelis, discusses EDA’s unique company culture and some of its most impressive projects.

EDA Contractors company culture and notable projects were featured in the May Apeiron Construction Magazine. The article, which references an interview by CEO Ed DeAngelis, discusses how construction transcends physical structures and embodies the collaborative efforts of individuals working together toward a common objective. DeAngelis describes EDA's people as his company’s greatest asset and credits them for its continued growth and twenty-five years of success. The article highlights the "EDA Way" as being the guiding values for personal and professional success that set EDA apart.

DeAngelis’ investment in culture has fostered a workforce that feels valued and supported. DeAngelis explains, “All of these things come together to help our people enjoy what they do at EDA and create a bond where they feel like they’re part of something bigger.” As a result, this collective alignment has contributed to EDA’s impressive resume of high-profile jobs across the Northeast. The article features some of EDA’s most impressive work including Newark Liberty International Airport, Queens Public Library at Far Rockaway, and Schuylkill Yards. 

You can learn more about the importance of developing a strong company culture and EDA’s plans for continued growth in the future by reading the full article in Apeiron Construction’s publication.