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#Duckumentary - Vince Costanza

Described as the ‘King of Panels’ by his crew, Foreman Vince Costanza (of Local 255) talks about how he’s been able to pursue his career aspirations with the EDA Family for the past decade.

Vince’s drive to contribute more to this industry is working proud and living the EDA Way.

What brought you to the construction industry?

I started off as a carpenter, I apprenticed for a few years and then went to work for a general contractor. I worked there for most of my career. My father and my oldest brother both retired with them.

With a family legacy at a well-known General Construction firm, what made you switch to working for EDA?

[EDA presented different opportunities for me]; working for a general contractor is a lot different than working for a company like EDA. The GC runs the job, there’s a lot more political things involved when you’re running the site.


When I met Ed, the company itself was still pretty young at the time and I could see what was going on. I knew a couple of guys in the company and I could just see how different things were, the comradery with the guys; the way that Ed ran the company, he was hungry.

What’s another thing that has changed throughout your time in the construction business?

The unions have changed recently; they’re merging into one big district council. It used to be every area was different, Bensalem had a local, Philly had a local, Bryn Mawr, Delaware county. Just because times are changing and they’re kind of turning it more into one unified organization.


Did you feel more valued when you came to EDA?

Oh definitely, I felt like I was meant for more, I just had other plans for my future and more to give to this business than what I was allowed to give.