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#Duckumentary - Ryan DeAngelis

Today we speak with EDA's PA Shop Manager, Ryan DeAngelis!

We asked Ryan about his journey to EDA, and what his thoughts are on EDA's culture.

What did you do before your time at EDA?

Before my time with EDA, I was in college… but it was more like a party all the time and no schoolwork.

What brought you to the construction industry?

I was failing out of school, and my parents weren’t going to pay for me to party (jerks). I reached out to Ed and luckily, he offered me a job with EDA. At the time, the idea of getting up at 4AM felt like a prison sentence. I didn’t even know human beings roamed the streets that early!

What was your reaction to seeing EDA’s emphasis on culture?

I first want to point out that people often equate culture with being overly emotional. They think that focusing on culture will cause the focus of “the actual job” to diminish. I’ll be honest, that was my initial reaction… but after experiencing EDA’s culture firsthand, I can say that is simply untrue. Focusing on culture and focusing on “the actual job” can be done at the same time, and while it is more difficult than just tending to “the actual job”, it definitely enhances the daily experience that is difficult to find elsewhere.

How is EDA's culture compared to that of your previous workplaces?

At my previous workplaces, it was completely different. There was no culture. It was just clock-in, clock-out. Here is your money, see you tomorrow.

What has been the best part about your experience working with EDA?

The best part about working for EDA is the feeling that we are a part of something big... something different.

What is your favorite EDA value, and why?

My favorite value is Live Proactively. Even with precise planning there is always something missed or something you can’t control. I like to make sure I am ready for those events by looking to the past to be ready for the future.