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#Duckumentary - Rebeca Fulgencio

This Wednesday the EDA Family celebrates the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month with a spotlight on one of our amazing Roofers working, Rebeca Fulgencio!

Rebeca came to the United States with the goal to pursue a non-traditional job, through a friend she was a told about opportunities to work with the Local 8 Roofers Union. Currently she is practicing her trade with our EDA Family in NYC.

What project are you currently involved in and what is your role on the site?

I am currently working between two job sites: JFK Airport and Peninsula Bronx. The work changes depending on what project you are on and what has been assigned to you. The first thing we do every day is prepare the surface of the ceiling where we are going to work and look for the materials that we are going to use. I have mostly worked on the Peninsula Bronx project. Generally, we place all the materials that support the roof, like the board and glue it according to the specifications. As the designated fire watcher, I also oversee who performs the hot work. We are really a team that must be synchronized to achieve our goals for the day.

How long have you been working at EDA?

I have been working for EDA for 6 months and I’m so glad to be a part of the company. I sincerely hope to keep working for EDA.

How did you begin your career in construction?

When I came from the Dominican Republic, I wanted to pursue a different career than the ones typically open to people immigrating from countries like mine. A friend told me about Local 8 (Roofer’s Union) and said that he was recruiting a person to work in construction. I was ready to accept the challenge!

Why did you choose a career in construction?

The positive impact of working in this industry. We are a team, and we need each other to do our jobs. Some people feel limited by my status as a woman and what I can handle but I do not see it that way. I try to do my best so that the job goes well.

From your experiences on the jobsite, what are some of the positive impacts you can see women being able to contribute?

The proof that EDA believes in the growth of women in construction is that they gave me the opportunity to work in the company and my manager and supervisors have always shown that they appreciate the work that I am doing. Above all, the support group for women that EDA started (Women in Construction) is one more example of feeling so grateful to work here.

Do you think women have any misconceptions about working in construction? If so, what could you set straight to let other women know about the growing opportunities for them in this industry?

Yes, many women think that construction work is so hard that they could not do it, but not everything is application of force. Construction is using your intelligence and being dedicated. Additionally, we receive very good pay and that gives me, despite being a single mother, the opportunity to support my family. It is a competitive job and but of course, as women, we can do it and contribute a lot.