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#Duckumentary - Juhi Amrutia

After visiting the US with her parents for her brother’s graduation, and seeing her brother build his life overseas, Juhi was inspired to pave her own path in the US as well. Juhi graduated from Philadelphia University & immediately joined the EDA family; she will be celebrating 3 years this June!

What brought you to a career in Construction, specifically as a Project Estimator?

My father owns his own construction company and growing up I was always watching him bring blueprints home. As a child I knew that I liked to draw but was not overly artistic minded; I excelled at math and science which is what naturally led me to study architecture. I stayed close to home in Mumbai for my bachelor’s degree and wanted to experience something new and build my own career in construction, while studying for my master’s degree.

Why did you choose to pursue your Master’s in Philadelphia?

My parents and I came to visit my older brother’s graduation in 2009 and seeing him here and the life he built for himself really inspired me to push myself to move out here and study for my master’s in project management.

Have you noticed any differences in the construction industries from living between Mumbai and Philadelphia?

There is definitely a huge difference in working culture between the 2 cities. It is a much more competitive job market. Also, I would say that I have noticed that Indian Architecture is very geographically specific to which region it belongs to. The culturally richness and diversity of India varies so greatly just within states that the architecture is also just as diverse. Nothing is interpreted, it is always new and innovated by previous generations.

What has been the best part about your experience working with EDA?

What I like here is that I get the respect that I was looking for; the equal opportunity and trust given to me when I joined the team. When I first started at EDA John Rakus, [Director of Estimating] was so supportive and showed that he had so much trust in my skills I was placed on some of the early on projects to estimate for Air Products HQ (Project w /@Turner), CHOP Philadelphia (Project w /@Turner), 311 S Broad @ArthausApts (Project w/ @InTechConstruction). This show of trust from my leaders is still what makes working at EDA so rewarding.

What is your favorite EDA value?

Oh man, I love them all honestly. I have to choose? My top three are: Build Trust, Work Proud, and Be Passionate.