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#Duckumentary - Jed Fischer

As a dedicated member of the EDA Family, Estimator Jed Fischer joins us for this week’s #Duckumentary, reflecting on his recent experience of organizing our annual EDA Cares Golf Outing!

Jed started at EDA 11 years ago as a Roofing Estimator and today works as a valued part of our Wall Panel Division.

How did you begin your journey with EDA Contractors?

I used to have my own general contracting business back in the early 2000’s; by the end of the decade, I was looking to try something new and was hired on as a Roofing Estimator back in 2010.

Have you noticed a difference between the relationships of the office and field from the other places you’ve worked?

I would say that I have seen a difference in the way we interact and relate with our field just in the time that I’ve been here. There used to be a much bigger divide between the field and office. As an estimator, we have an idea of how we’re going to build a project which doesn’t always manifest itself in the field. The crews on the ground may come up with a better idea. If we don’t interact with them, we’ll never know that and the more we can coordinate with them, the better off we’ll be in everything we do. everything.

Why are you passionate about volunteering for EDA Cares?

I always think charity is a great thing. At some point in your life you’ll probably need it or will take advantage of it, maybe not directly but it’s important to pay it forward. You never know when you might be the person on the receiving end and I like to think that if I was in need, someone would do something for me. So that’s why it’s important to me to give back.

How was organizing the Golf Outing different for you this year, working alongside the Janine Hee Memorial Scholarship Fund?

When we started planning this year’s outing, we were wondering how we could include Brian Hee, so I went to Ed, and I asked if Brian had a charity, and he was immediately on board. Last year was the first year we officially hosted the event as EDA Cares, so to have a specific, very personal, charity was very driving. We had a full outing this year, the maximum size we could have it at and were able to raise a significant amount of money for Brian’s charity as well as money for EDA Cares. I think we certainly surprised Brian with how much we were able to contribute to his charity from this event. Having a personal connection to the charity makes people more interested and willing to help out and our volunteers definitely felt that.

What’s your favorite memory from this year’s golf outing?

It was really awesome to see the full outing come together, all the teams in their carts. This year was unique, because we had it on September 11. We held a moment of silence led by some of our veterans. We wanted to remember those were lost 20 years ago.