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#Duckumentary: Harsh Upadhyay

Harsh Upadhyay, Estimator at EDA for 2 years, tells us about his experience living in Mumbai and then coming to Philadelphia to pursue his Masters in Construction Management.

Why did you want to pursue a career in Construction?
I studied Architecture in India after being inspired from seeing the diverse, rich architecture of historical palaces and temples, especially at Rajasthan, one of my favorite places to visit in India.

Have you noticed any differences between the construction industries in India vs. the US?

Yes, India has a lot more labor available and relied heavily on large teams, while the US has more technology to accommodate where there is less labor to help.

What is your favorite EDA value?

Building Trust is my favorite value because coming here, to a new country, is it important that I am constantly building on the trust I have with my managers and clients so I can continue to help out on more projects.