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#Duckumentary - Hans Bixler

Today we speak with Director of Estimating - Wall Panel Division, Hans Bixler!

What brought you to EDA?
I was disgruntled with the last company I was with back in Colorado. There was no room for advancement. I looked to make a change, and Ed made a good offer to work in a company that was newer and expanding.

Tell us about your department/team?

My team is very diverse, especially when it comes to their background and experience.

What makes you work together so effectively?

I think working in person helps a lot as we can all feed off each other. Also each of us having different backgrounds and different experiences helps as well.

What do you look for from somebody who may be looking to join your team?

The ability to understand spatial reasoning and have an agile mind especially when it comes to basic mathematic skills. Having a personable demeanor with the desire to help the customer is another thing that is important.

What are your plans for your team moving forward? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

In one year, we hope to be fully servicing all of the union opportunities in NYC. Within five years we hope to be working up into New England. Ten years, who knows? ...but we will probably be looking to expand into other union heavy markets. In doing this I hope to create more opportunities for each of my team members to grow and advance into new roles with better opportunities. We are also looking to better expand the EDA envelope and the services we provide. One of the things that we would eventually like to do would be glass and glazing or anything else that would fit into the ‘EDA Envelope’ umbrella.

How are you looking to expand? What are you looking for from each individual to help you grow?

The key in being able to expand is having a good client base. In order to service that client base, outside of operations, we need good estimators that can build honest and trusting relationships with the clients. The key is developing good estimators and pairing them with a good client base.

What is your strategic vision for your team?

We would like to grow market share as well as grow the markets that we service. The only way to do this is to have a good group of estimators willing to get the ball moving forward.

How does each individual contribute to that vision?
There is plenty of opportunity here to go after. We are looking for highly motivated people willing to put in the work. EDA has been a great opportunity for me as well as many others. All the revenue within the company starts with estimating. The wall panel division has been the single biggest key to the growth of this company. We need talented people to continue the trend.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about joining you? Why EDA?

The organization that Ed has built is unique not just in the construction industry but amongst all companies. We consistently rank among the best workplaces to work at. This is because of the conscious effort of Ed and the executive team. There are many perks to working here and a real commitment to making the employee feel comfortable in their work environment.