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#Duckumentary - Flavio Alcaraz

Today we speak with EDA Carpentry Foreman, Flavio Alcaraz!

What did you do before your time at EDA?

Before my time at EDA, I worked in the concrete industry.

What brought you to the construction industry?

I grew up around construction. I worked with my father doing precast work and other carpentry jobs, like remodeling homes.

What was your reaction to seeing EDA’s emphasis on culture?

It was great to hear and see EDA’s emphasis on culture, I love the idea.

How is EDA's culture compared to that of your previous workplace?

Compared to my previous workplace, EDA is a lot more family oriented.

What has been the best part about your experience working with EDA?

EDA has truly helped me find a passion and love for my work.

What is your favorite EDA value, and why?

I have three favorite values: Be Passionate, Smile Laugh, & Enjoy Life, and Work Proud.