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#Duckumentary - Eric Musselman

Today we speak with Eric Musselman, Carpenter!

What’s your favorite thing about working on your crew/team? 

So far one of my favorite things is how efficient we can be. The mindset of actually working together and not just next to each other.

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would do with your winnings?

 A black 1963 Camaro. My dad sold his back in the day to be able to marry my mom. He helped me a lot get re-grounded after my time in the Marines. I told him if I ever can, I’ll buy him one since I wouldn’t be here if he never sold it.

How do you stay updated on the latest industry trends, technologies and safety protocols?

Honestly I don’t, unless it’s something that pertains exactly to what we’re doing. Safety does a really good job to let us know if we aren’t using the latest standards. Something I need to work on is staying more informed.

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interest?

I have two young daughters, so there is no such thing as hobbies haha. When I get home it’s all about them. I’m slowly starting to get back into lifting weights and training Muay Thai again.

What’s one thing you personally must have with you on a job site?

I have a Swiss army backpack that comes everywhere with me. Usually the pockets are packed to the rim with seemingly random things. But if you ever need pencils, pens, fat or skinny markers, knives, string line, paracord, impact tips, first aid things or snacks…. I gotcha covered.

Cat or dogs and why?

Dogs for me. I never had pets growing up, but every cat I met hates being around you... but my dog, no matter how long I’ve been gone, is happy to see me and just wants love.

What the best piece of advice you have received?

Be a sponge. Listen to and absorb every piece of knowledge you can. There’s more than one way to do everything and you don’t always know best.

Is there anything else about you, your family, or your home life that you would like to share?

I have a beautiful wife named Nicole who is a nurse, and we have two beautiful little girls. Madelyn Grace who’s 5 years old, and Logan Marie who will be 2 in May. We also have a 6-year-old dog named Ruger.

Can you share one new thing you’ve learned on the job or a best practice that helps save you time, energy, or keeps you safer on the job?

Just going back to the whole “be a sponge” quote. If someone has been doing your current task longer than you, learn their way of how it’s done and use that as your building blocks to develop your own system.

How do you manage stress and maintain a positive mindset in a high-pressure environment like construction?

I don’t know how to explain “how I manage stress.” I just kind of get through it and I don’t really get worked up about much. I have been in a lot of bad situations as a Machine Gunner overseas, and the thing we’d always say to get us through is: “It could always be worse.” It can be used in any scenario. It used to be “It could be 2 snipers instead of 1,” to “Man, we’re in a lift and it’s 32* outside... but it could be 22*.”

Commutes home with loud music help. And finally, take a step back, take moments here and there, to appreciate the little things in life. Take 5 minutes to sit on the porch in silence and embrace the crisp air, and the silence of life moving around you.