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#Duckumentary - Doris Blount

What does it take to become a Journeywoman in a male-dominated field? Carpenter Apprentice, Doris Blount, talks about how she found a way to join the work site with Reboot Construction Program for this week’s #duckumentary!

The Reboot Construction Program is opening the doors for opportunity to driven individuals like Doris.

How did you learn about the Reboot Pre-Apprenticeship Program?

Actually, I know somebody who’s been close to Kodi for some years. I’ve been close to him for some time, and I guess he saw that I used to work on my own cars and kind of did my own thing around the house, was pretty handy. He said, ‘you should come work with us, if you really wanna do stuff like this.’ I’d heard about what the test was, took the test and passed so it just went from there.

Did anything come to surprise you about working in Construction?

I have a couple brothers who did construction so you know I’ve been on work sites with them, I’m familiar with how it works, I just couldn’t do it myself. I was always interested though, Reboot opened that door for me.

What has been your favorite part about working with Reboot?

Being able to have the independence after I’m trained to just go work on a project and you know if I need help, somebody will be there too. Nobody’s micromanaging like ‘ok that’s how you do this” and standing over your shoulders to make sure you do this right.

What trade are you pursuing in your apprenticeship?

I definitely want to do carpentry, and that’s what [Reboot] is focused on. I know we do a lot of exterior work but I also want to learn more about interior carpentry along the way.

If you could give advice to other women interested in a non-traditional career, what would you tell them?

I would say if you know somebody just ask. If they do what you’re interested in, just ask, sometimes it’s as simple as taking a test. And for years I had no idea, if I had known ten years ago I would’ve entered the trade sooner.