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#Duckumentary - Chris Furey

Today we speak with Equipment Manager, Chris Furey!

What did you do before your time at EDA?

After graduating from NJIT I worked for a Logistics company that specialized in warehousing and trucking in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. I oversaw commercial property management, compliance, fleet maintenance, and accounts receivable.

What brought you to the construction industry?

I grew up in construction. My father is an equipment mechanic, and my mother has owned her own construction supply company for the last 25 years. Growing up I was either working on equipment or in the office helping secure bids and learning all facets of owning a company such as purchasing, billing, payroll, and inventory.

Can you briefly explain what you do at EDA?

I purchase tools and equipment, and I maintain inventory. I track the tools and equipment at different sites, fulfill job load lists, communicate with project managers about inbound freight, and coordinate all flatbed pickups and deliveries. I also assist in loading and delivering to jobs as needed.

If you could work in any other trade or department here at EDA, where would you be?

I would be open to working in many other departments because I’m always looking to learn new things and challenge myself. I particularly have a passion for researching the best products for the best prices, negotiating, and optimizing resources to ensure the company is getting the best bang for their buck.

What is your favorite EDA value, and why?

My favorite EDA value would be Live Proactively. It is important to take responsibility for your life and actions rather than just watch how things happen.