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#Duckumentary - Amy Raigoso

IT Support Specialist, Amy Raigoso, talks to us for this week's Pride Month #Duckumentary feature!

EDA celebrates all of our Family member's diversities and we are excited to continue celebrating with Pride Month!

This week we are checking in to see how well we are living the EDA Way: Demonstrating Humility, Building Trust, Living Proactively, and Enjoying Life as authentically as possible. IT Support Specialist, Amy Raigoso, talks to us about her experience working at EDA and how our culture has able to foster an inclusive environment for all:

How did your career in IT bring you to EDA?

I was in community college (Philadelphia Community College) for Digital Forensics, and I started learning about computers there. When I was 17, I was interested in joining the military but was really discouraged after a couple of rude teachers said I “wouldn’t have a chance”. I started thinking about the military again while in college to help support myself. After basic training, I came back to finish up school and worked at a few companies before landing at EDA in July 2020.

How does EDA stand out among the other companies you have worked for?

The people that I get to work alongside with. They care about you and your mental health and EDA has so many resources for us and it really shows how much they care. I have experienced a lot of amazing things here that I don’t think I would have, anywhere else. The IT world is a very male-dominated field and still has a lot of work to do to provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of gender. But working at EDA, I have always felt respected for my work first, letting it speak for itself.

What is your favorite EDA value?

Demonstrating humility – just being real; [EDA] doesn’t want you to pretend to be something you are not. They want you to be authentic regardless of what language you speak, your sexuality, or your gender.