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#Duckumentary - Alejandro Guasco

Bregenzer Brothers Foreman, Alejandro Guasco, talks about his experience beginning his career in Ecuador and moving to the United States and how he is still able to celebrate his culture far away from home.

What is it like taking your skill or trade and pursuing it in a different culture?

The distinguished talents of the Bregenzer Brother’s Construction crew proudly include those of Foreman, Roofer, and Shop Fabricator, Alejandro Guasco. Alejandro (Al) has been in construction for 9 years, working in a variety of different trades and assisting in whatever capacities are needed to complete a job. In Ecuador, Al began his work in construction, of his time working between Ecuador and the United States he says, “[In Ecuador] I used to work more with metal and welding, but it’s all the same, just different materials.” As one of our Bregenzer Brother’s Foremen, Al oversees the completion of our historical restoration and roofing projects, bringing his adaptable approach to the unique demands of each project. Currently, Al is restoring historical architectural façade details and metal adornments in the Bregenzer Brothers Shop, based out of Ewing, New Jersey. From his time working in Ecuador and assisting in many different aspects of construction, Al possesses a wide-ranging skillset and a mind that is always ready to learn.

Although Alejandro is now based out of New Jersey he says that he still continues on with the traditions from Ecuador, celebrating all holidays, religious occasions, and preparation of traditional meals. Al’s journey to working for the Bregenzer Brothers and fearless determination to pursue better work opportunities in a different country and culture, inspire us and remind us of the importance in honoring Hispanic Heritage Month.