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#Duckumentary - Adam Wummer

Today we speak with Senior Project Manager, Adam Wummer, who reveals what its like to work at EDA and just how important culture is within the company.

Adam has been a Senior Project Manager for EDA's Masonry division for about a year now.

What brought you to the construction industry?

It started with a CAD drafting class in high school that I wasn’t very excited about, which (surprisingly) led to my degree in Architecture from Temple University. In high school and college, I worked as a concrete laborer/finisher during the summertime, and eventually as an Architecture Intern in Center City. Both positions were a great way to gain field experience at a young age and in a short amount of time. Though I enjoyed the design side, I’ve always had a passion for the built environment and being out on the jobsite, so the best career path I could find for my skillset was project management. After college I worked for a short amount of time as a general contractor, then transitioned into masonry about 11 years ago.

What was your reaction to seeing EDA’s emphasis on culture?

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but from my first visit to EDA’s main office it was evident that culture is a top priority here. On top of that, the focus on personal growth & emotional intelligence really sets us apart from other contractors. It also greatly improves the relationship between the office and the field – a gap that is traditionally difficult to bridge.

How is EDA's culture compared to that of your previous workplaces?

EDA’s culture is second to none, honestly. There is always a new publication, a social media post, or an event that helps us get to know our coworkers on a level that isn’t encouraged elsewhere and is difficult to obtain through everyday office conversation.

What has been the best part about your experience working with EDA?

Though I have only been with EDA for a year, it is obvious that each one of my coworkers loves what they do and more importantly who they do it for – it really helps to reinforce the passion that I have for the work we do.

What is your favorite EDA value, and why?

Work Proud! I take a tremendous amount of pride in the work we do and having worked on many of the most prominent buildings in the Philadelphia & surrounding regions, it is great to see “Work Proud” as a one of EDA’s core values.