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#Duckumentary - Abbey Flick

Today we speak with Accounts Payable Clerk, Abbey Flick!

What did you do before your time at EDA?

Before my time at EDA, I worked in accounting for a non-profit. Before that, I was a stay-at-home mom to my three daughters for 10 years.

What brought you to the construction industry?

The culture of EDA is what intrigued me about this opportunity the most.

Can you briefly explain what you do at EDA?

I process all vendor invoices for payment, as well as reconcile the monthly Amex & Home Depot statements. I also like to make sure the people around me are always laughing.

What are some things that most people don't know about you?

My husband and I are high school sweethearts and I cheered at halftime of the 2000 Hula Bowl in Maui, which feels like a lifetime ago!

If you weren’t in the construction industry, where would you be today?

If I wasn’t working in the construction industry, I would most definitely be designing homes. I LOVE all things home décor & design.

If you could work in any other trade or department here at EDA, where would you be?

I think I would like to work in Marketing. I’ve always been a numbers person and heavily involved in finances, so it would be nice to be able to flex my creative muscles for a change.

What has been the best part about your experience working with EDA?

The best part has been the people that I’ve met since starting here, hands down! I immediately fit right in with my department and other coworkers that I see daily. I am truly an EDA fan girl.

What is your favorite EDA value, and why?

My favorite EDA value is Exceed Expectations. It is very important to me that I’m good at my job. I always strive to do my best and to do it efficiently. I want to ensure that I’m always an asset to those around me.