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Continuous Improvement at Newark Airport

It came to our attention that EDA’s team at Newark Airport has been collaboratively working on continuous improvements.

We would like to give a big shout out to the crew at Newark Airport which consists of the following employees: Tony Melle (superintendent), Kevin Smith (general foreman), Anthony Costa, Anthony Salerno, Dan Dougherty, Jeremy Wright, Jim Fiandaca, Kevin Knox, Nate Fillebrown, Neil McGinnis, Pat Schmidt, and Tom Rorick.

It had come to our attention that EDA’s team at the Newark Airport has been collaboratively working on continuous improvement ideas. Of course this very much excited us! Upon visiting we were pleasantly surprised to witness some of the wonderful ideas being implemented. Below is one of them.

In an effort to make panel installation more seamless, the crew has been breaking down the panel packages on the ground level and repackaging them per elevation in the order in which they are installed on each wall. They cleverly used old pallets to build the racks that hold the newly organized panels. What a great, cost-efficient way to proactively shave time off the install!

We told Tony how impressed we were. He humbly responded that they do these type of things all the time on various job sites.

We encourage all to share any time-saving ideas that you implement on your job sites, as we will be posting them here so that all can learn from them. Sometimes simple things that we do every day become such a part of our routine that we don’t think much about them. Perhaps, someone else, who has consistently done things a different way, could glean something from your method and vice versa. Actively sharing and discussing can be a powerful tool for making all of us better.