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Committed Impact Partners, EDA Contractors Honored as “Heroes of Hope”

Since 2017, our EDA Family has been volunteering with Turning Points for Children, a local non-profit which serves the greater Philadelphia area. Aiming to bring health and social services to vulnerable people within the community, Turning Points provides support for over 17,000 clients.

We are honored to stand alongside Turning Points for Children as committed impact partners and be recognized as their “Heroes of Hope” at the 2021 Drive-In Gala.

EDA & Ed are more than sponsors and volunteers, they are impact partners of Turning Points for Children and together we are building Stronger Families and Brighter Futures throughout Philadelphia.”

Turning Points for Children


Leading the EDA Way, our passionate and dedicated EDA Cares volunteers continue to inspire us with the work they’re doing to support our local community. This summer, we were able to join together with Turning Point’s Food Pantry program, FAWN, delivering over 10,500 pounds of groceries to over 18,000 individuals. Through The Bridge, Philadelphia’s only substance abuse treatment program for adolescents, our family has been able to support disenfranchised youth searching for help. Speaking about his time volunteering for the annual Christmas gift drives and wrappings our devoted CEO, Ed DeAngelis reflects:

“The children from those programs are disenfranchised and they really don’t know if people care for them so when we come and we do things for them, you can’t imagine what it does to light up their day and light up their life.”
Ed DeAngelis


Making a difference within the community we serve is one of our EDA Family’s passions and why we volunteer through our community outreach program, EDA Cares. Through EDA Cares we have been able to share our passion for building stronger communities, successful together.

Learn more about the work our family has done over the years to make a difference in the lives of the youth at The Bridge or the families supported by the Food And Wellness Network:

The Bridge, Christmas Gift Drives

FAWN Summer Volunteers