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CEO Ed DeAngelis featured in Authority Magazine

DeAngelis discusses the top five issues that keep executives up at night, as well as some of the traits he believes are needed in a good leader.

EDA Contractors’ CEO Ed DeAngelis, recently joined Cynthia Corsetti of Authority Magazine for an interview on the challenges faced by today’s C-suite executives. This conversation delved into various facets of DeAngelis’s professional journey, leadership philosophy, and key insights into some of the challenges he faces in his position.

Leadership Traits and Journey

DeAngelis discussed the defining character traits that have been instrumental to his success. This includes, his determination, constant growth mindset, and sense of humility. He also shared personal anecdotes illustrating how these qualities have not only shaped his journey, but have been pivotal for many other successful leaders.

DeAngelis’s career in the construction industry began as an entry-level estimator. His rapid ascent through the ranks and entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of EDA Contractors in 1999. Today, EDA stands as a leader in the construction industry, specializing in the exterior envelope of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.

Key Concerns for C-Suite Executives

During the interview, DeAngelis discussed the top five concerns occupying the minds of c-suite executives, offering valuable insights into how he and EDA Contractors' approach some common challenges.

1. Ethical Leadership

DeAngelis emphasized the need for CEOs to consider the impact of their viewpoints on consumers and employees, advocating for engagement in social responsibility initiatives aligned with corporate values.

2. Managing Change and Driving Innovation

Transparent communication and fostering a healthy workplace culture were highlighted as essential in navigating organizational change and driving innovation. DeAngelis explained how keeping an open line of communication between leadership and employees is integral to gaining their trust during times of change.

3. Balancing Short-Term Demands and Long-Term Risks

Executives across industries are focused on longer-term strategic goals, investing in business transformation, and building resilience and agility in operating models to navigate uncertain times.

4. Talent Recruitment and Retention

DeAngelis shared insights into workforce trends, including the growing importance of remote work, employee wellness, and a positive workplace culture. EDA Contractors has developed unique wellness programs and a robust learning and development training curriculum to attract and retain top talent.

5. Creating a Healthy and Positive Workplace Culture

DeAngelis emphasized the pivotal role of a healthy workplace culture in the success of an organization, impacting various key performance indicators. He discussed how EDA has adopted a servant leadership model to help employees feel part of a community and encourage leaders to support their teams.

Navigating Market Shifts and Technology Trends

DeAngelis shed light on how EDA Contractors ensures sustained growth in the face of rapid technological advancements and market shifts. Part of this is being prepared with an agile and responsive approach and viewing technological advancements as opportunities for growth and innovation. This can come in different ways and may include, consolidating systems, technology optimization, and exploring ethical approaches to AI.

Stress Management and Continuous Growth

DeAngelis shared personal practices for stress management, including a supportive leadership team, family, coaching, exercise, and daily meditation. He also shared how he reading has become an important way for him to learn and grow. Understanding the success and failures of people in similar leadership positions is a key way DeAngelis continues to improve in his role.

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