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Cares Spotlight: Turning Points for Children

This month, EDA is highlighting one of its charities of choice: Turning Points for Children, with a focus on their program the Food and Wellness Network.

EDA Cares was developed to help bring the EDA community together and support local individuals who need help. The Cares Committee consists of EDA staff members who volunteer their time with charities meaningful to them and receive support from their colleagues to give back. This structure empowers employees to support causes that are important to them and provides access to added resources that can help make a bigger impact. 

This month, EDA is highlighting one of its charities of choice: Turning Points for Children. This charity was selected by EDA's CEO, Ed DeAngelis. Turning Points is a subsidiary of the Public Health Management Corporation that provides a variety of social and health services to vulnerable people throughout the city of Philadelphia. Turning Points recognizes that poverty is the core cause of their community's problems, and its initiatives aim to help break the cycle of poverty at a young age. The areas these programs and services cover include primary care, behavioral health, financial services, parenting programs, workforce readiness, and early childhood education. One of the Turning Points programs that EDA works most with is the Food and Wellness Network (FAWN).

What is FAWN?

FAWN is a program that organizes a network of community-based food pantries in the Philadelphia area. These pantries provide nutritious foods, infant formula, diapers, nutritional education, and other resources that connect to families residing in Philadelphia. In addition, FAWN offers health screenings to underserved populations, connects clients to services and benefits, and promotes wellness, health, and nutritious recipes. Each month FAWN serves more than 500 families and 1,300 individuals. 

Two initiatives run by FAWN are the BOOST Case Management Program and the Clothing Nook. BOOST Case Management is a one-on-one coaching program designed to support participants and help them reach their goals. The Clothing Nook is a clothing closet that provides access to clothing for those facing financial hardships.

Why Turning Points for Children/FAWN?

CEO Ed DeAngelis chose Turning Points as one of his charities of choice after meeting with their Director of Stakeholder Engagement & Events, Eartha C. Holland. DeAngelis was drawn to Eartha's positive energy and their mission of serving a disenfranchised community full of those desperately in need resonated with him. Turning Points mission also aligns with EDA's commitment to helping the next generation grow and be successful. DeAngelis explains, "Since children are the future, this charity helps the most vulnerable children have a chance to enjoy a quality life." Chronic poverty is a systemic problem in Philadelphia and Turning Points provides services to help alleviate the hardships faced by the community.

"I chose Turning Points for Children because we perform a significant amount of our work in Philadelphia. As a for-profit company that earns revenue from Philadelphia, it is important that we try to help communities that are suffering."

Ed DeAngelis | CEO | EDA Contractors

Support from EDA

EDA Cares has once again partnered with FAWN for 2024 and is excited to show its support for Turning Points in any way possible. FAWN is always looking for volunteers and donations, so EDA regularly shares opportunities for employees to get involved. EDA Cares also supports Turning Points through their Holiday Heroes Event. Every year during the Christmas season, EDA team members wrap and deliver presents to the Turning Points office for the children and share in the festivities. EDA has furthered its commitment to Turning Points for Children by providing construction services and making generous donations. 

EDA is proud to foster a positive relationship with Turning Points and appreciate the commitment of our volunteers in supporting its mission. EDA looks forward to maintaining this relationship in 2024 and beyond.