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Cares Spotlight: F5 Alumni Band Association

Discover how EDA Cares supports local youth in the Trenton Central High School marching band through a partnership with the F5 Alumni Band Association.

About EDA Cares

In 2020, EDA Cares was established with the mission of creating opportunities to give back to the community and help foster a stronger sense of camaraderie within the EDA community. This initiative encourages team members to engage in service activities with various charities of choice that are meaningful to individuals at EDA.

EDA currently supports 9 charities, serving an array of members in the local community. These include Turning Points for Children, Make-A-Wish, The Wardrobe, Heroic Gardens, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Janine Hee Memorial Scholarship Foundation, We Care Special Sports, Travis Manion Foundation, and F5 Alumni Band Association.


F5 Alumni Band Association (FABA)

This month we are highlighting EDA's collaboration with the F5 Alumni Band Association (FABA) at Trenton Central High School. FABA was founded in early 2022 by band alumni, with the aim of building a strong F5 Alumni Band community to serve and support local youths through mentorship and training in both the visual and performing arts.

The partnership between EDA and FABA was initiated by Sade Carmichael, an alumnus of the band and EDA’s Executive Personal Assistant to the CEO. As a former member of the band, Carmichael recognized the transformative and therapeutic nature of music, as well as the major role that community support can play in fostering this experience for students. Supporting FABA holds a special place in her heart, as giving back to her hometown is one of her core values.

Music has the power to transform lives and supporting F5 allows me to give back to a cause I truly believe in. I am extremely grateful to EDA CARES and the entire EDA Team for this opportunity to sit as a Cares officer and make a difference in the lives of others.

- Sade Carmichael, Executive Personal Assistant to the CEO 


EDA Cares' Support for FABA

Through its partnership, EDA Cares has actively supported FABA in various ways:

Fundraising Initiatives

The Cares Committee champions numerous fundraising efforts in support of the F5 Marching Band. Through planning and donations from the larger EDA community, the team successfully sponsored book scholarships for select seniors embarking on their first year of college, helped fund students’ warm-up suits, and contributed to FABA’s annual clothing and toy drive.

Empowerment Through Education and Training

Beyond fundraising, the volunteers on the Cares Committee consistently dedicate their time to ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary skills needed to thrive. The Cares team held a team building workshop in support of FABA’s band camp, hosted a personal development day for the majorette squad, and supported various other initiatives. Each of these initiatives were launched with the simple goal of keeping music and band culture alive in our community.


Join the EDA Cares Committee and Make a Lasting Impact

It is with great pride that EDA continues to support FABA and other local charities working to fill the gaps in our community. Every EDA employee is encouraged to engage with the committee's efforts, whether through contributions or active participation. The Cares Committee is open to employees who have a passion for giving back and would like to take ownership of EDA's relationship with a charity they care about. Creating a lasting impact in the lives of those in need is just one of the ways that we are better, stronger, and more successful together.