#Duckumentary - William Harr

Foreman, Bill Harr, on how he and his team are living The EDA Way on the Dauphin St. job site.

Living and Leading Successfully Together.

While visiting the Dauphin House Senior Living Residences, Foreman Bill Harr, talked to us about the ways in which he and his team, Dean MacCarter and Nick Alfieri, are embodying the true EDA spirit on their site. This means working alongside each other (crew mates, general contractors, architects, and all else) Successful Together and actively living The EDA Way with our guiding values.

How are you and your team living the EDA Way on the job site?

"We try to communicate with all of the teams on the project; letting the [General Contractor] know ahead of time what we need and staying on top of communicating with them. Its tough cause you know, I hated public speaking, but it challenges you because we're always staying on top of every detail.

Everyone on the job should be looking ahead and communicating what they'll need, and the guys are always staying in touch with me. Sometimes they'll need stuff ahead of time and it's important to have that trust of knowing they'll let me know.

And you know most importantly, everyone's always fun to work with. You know who wants to really work, so if you make it fun.. that's the main part. Having fun."